Health Benefits of Tomatoes

It belongs to the “nightshade” family. A fruit of tomato plant. The tomatoes are known as a treasure of “riches,” when it comes to their “antioxidant” benefits. Though we eat the fruit of the tomato plant, tomatoes when cooking are usually used as a vegetable.

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As we all know how vitamins help in the maintenance of bodies. Tomato consists of some major vitamins like A, C, and K, and also some significant amounts of vitamin “B6”.

Tomatoes prove to be a good source of magnesium, copper, etc. Tomatoes are said to contain powerful antioxidants that protect the eyes against light-induced damages. Not only are these enriched with vitamins but also include some “minerals”.

Tomatoes reduce the risk of heart diseases such as Cardiac arrests etc. For those who smoke, the damage is much less if the consumption of tomatoes is high. Tomatoes contain “chlorogenic acid” that work as a protector against the “Carcinogens”.

Constipation can prove to be a root of many other diseases and illnesses, for the prevention of constipation, consumption of tomatoes are essential. Diarrhea and kidney stones are also some major diseases, but again, tomatoes work as a savior too. For beauty conscious people, tomatoes prove to be beneficial. Tomatoes contain vitamin k, which improves the hair texture, and thus the hair gets healthier.

Tomatoes also improve the condition of the skin, which is an imperative factor. It fights acne. Other than that tomatoes help in bone strengthening, making the immune system strong due to the presence of vitamin C, which inhibits the stress levels, blood clots prove to play a negative role for the heart health and tomatoes play an important factor in helping the blood clots too.