Matching Your Suit With Your Body Type

There are several reasons that why just one type of suit doesn’t fit everyone. One of the main causes, however, is that every man is built differently. Some are tall while others are short. Certain men have thinner profiles while others tend to be bulkier or well built. If you are going to look good in this particular clothing style, then you need to find something that works well with your body type. Here is how to do it:

Dealing with Height

If you are bit on the shorter side, there are a few things you can do to enhance to your height. The first is to have two buttons instead of three on your jacket. This will help to add length to your torso. The jacket should also end several inches past your waist. You can also avoid having a break in your pants to make you look taller. For those who are quite tall, the solution is to have three buttons on your jacket. Also, avoid pants that are too short as they may look odd.

Streamlining Your Frame

Nobody wants to look overly skinny or overly bulky, regardless of what your actual size is. If you are on the leaner side but want to look bigger, try a double breasted jacket. There is a nice variety here at 3 piece suit for you to select from. Also try narrow lapels rather than wide ones. If you are stocky, use vertical pinstripes to draw the attention in this direction rather than sideways. Here, too, a two button jacket will come in handy.

For the Gym Junkie

If you have been working out and want to flaunt some of that muscle, that’s great. However, you should be careful how you go about doing it. While it may be tempting, don’t wear suits that are overly tight. Look at how NFL defensive end, JJ Watt dresses his physique. His suits fit well enough to show off his build but is still loose in all the right places.

You will instantly start looking and feeling better once you start dressing for your body type and shape.