Tips to creatively filling the blank walls

Many of us think about traditional frame art work while filling black walls. But there are many alternative creative ways for decorating a wall that you should definitely go for. Have a look on some of these creative ideas.

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  • Turn your wall into a personal gallery by adding your own art. You can use your own photography, prints and frames. Capture some precious moments on your wall. It might be photos of your trips, childhood etc.
  • You can add monogram hooks on your wall and add color and interest to the wall. These gorgeous monogrammed hooks will give a striking look.
  • People use mirrors in home décor but a cluster of mirrors will give the real statement. Ornate decorative furnishes and the hand carved of these mirrors will give a style to your wall.
  • Install marble shelves on the wall. It will give you space for storage of your books and other items as well as give an attractive look to the wall.
  • Feature walls look great and add interest to the room. You can use different colors and wallpapers. Bold cotton tapestry is also a perfection you can give to your wall.
  • A generously sized metal disc piece can create a dramatic theme in the room. These antiques can give a soul to the wall.
  • Beautifully designed clocks act as a significant feature of the wall.
  • Go for a Monroe one light sconce. The wall sconce enlightens the room and act as a beautiful decorative piece on your wall.