Types of Bouncy Castles in the Market

If you are planning to make a bouncy castle Manchester, do know that the pinks ones with unicorns are not the only available options in the market. Since there is so much demand for bouncy castles, the service has expanded in order to satisfy the needs of their wide range of customers. Listed below are three main types of bouncy castles available in the current market.

Commercial Bouncy Castles

These are privately hired bouncing castles that are used for commercial purposes. They can be spotted in many social functions and are quite big in size when compared to other options in the market. They are usually more than 15 feet tall and thus require a lot of space to install. Some castles will also have add-on features such as slides and ball pits to increase the overall appeal.

Residential Bouncy Castles

Also known as garden bouncy castles, these ones are used for personal recreation purposes. This means that there is no one to stop you from having your own bouncy castle in your house. Since they are customized for personal use, they tend to be smaller than the commercial ones. The regular ones are up to six feet tall. Moreover, they have very little add-ons in order to make this space efficient.

Children’s Bouncy Castles

These are by far the most popular type in the market. These are used for carnivals, birthday parties and school events. If you want your kid to have fun, but in a safe way, then this is a great solution. You can hire castles that are below six feet for small kids too. Do know that this type is only suitable for kids under the age of 10.

So, before you make your purchase or hire, ensure that you are purchasing the right type of bouncy castle.