Camping is an outdoor activity that needs no introduction. Being popular among people of all ages, it increases your exposure and confidence to go out in the real world and face new challenges depending on your capabilities.

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If you are camping for the first time, you would be struggling with what you should take with you. Which is why I have listed down few things that you will need. Have a look:

– Make arrangements for shelter. Pick the right size and quality of tent. The waterproof material should be preferred because you may face rain as well.

– Do not forget a proper comfortable sleeping bag. When you are out on an adventure, you usually do not consider the element of comfort, but as the ground is uneven and has a lot of stones, sleeping can be hard. So take your pillow and sleeping bag with you.

– You need a sharp and trusted knife for two purposes: 1) to cut a rope and other required material 2) for self-defense purposes in the case if a wild animal attacks you. Choose your knife with care; it can be your life saver!

– You may not have a proper system of cooking there. So take an extra reserve of dry or packet food material like protein bars with you. Also, pack some extra water bottles. You should stay hydrated throughout.

– Hand Sanitizer should always be in your bag. It is a must! You may not have a water body near your camp. You will not be able to wash your hands frequently. So keep sanitizer, and keep yourself miles away from harmful germs.